Prouder or More Proud - Learn the Differences

vocabulary Nov 17, 2021
Prouder or More Proud


‘Prouder’ and ‘more proud’ have the same meaning - however, one is grammatically correct while the other is not entirely grammatically correct.  Both of these forms are acceptable to use in spoken English.  ‘Prouder’ is more correct and more common, however, ‘more proud’ is perfectly acceptable too.  In this blog, we’ll look at what these phrases mean and how to use ‘prouder’ and ‘more proud.’ If you can master comparative adjectives, then you will sound like a native English speaker in no time. 


Prouder is a comparative adjective.  We use comparative adjectives to compare two things.  



I am proud than my sister.



I am prouder than my sister.


In the above sentences, we are comparing ‘I’ and ‘my sister’ with the adjective ‘proud.’  I want to say that I am ‘more proud’ than she is, so I have to change the adjective to the comparative version by adding -er.  

What Prouder Means 

Prouder means ‘more proud.’  If we feel proud, then we feel satisfied because of something we have achieved.  If we feel proud of someone, then we feel satisfied with what the person has done.  We feel happy about what the other person did when we are proud of them.  We are entirely satisfied and want to tell other people about their achievements. 


‘Prouder’ means that we are more satisfied and happier with ourselves or someone else than another person.  


For example: 

I am prouder of my daughter than you are.  

When We Use Prouder 

We use prouder when we want to say that we are more satisfied with ourselves or someone else than another person is.  ‘Prouder’ is a comparative adjective and it always compares two things or people.

Is Prouder a Word

Prouder is a word.  Prouder is the correct form of the comparative adjective.  


The three forms of ‘proud’ are:

Adjective: proud

Comparative adjective: prouder

Superlative adjective: proudest


The first adjective simply states that the person is proud.  

‘He is proud of his daughter’ means that he is satisfied with his daughter and he is happy with her achievements.


‘He is prouder of his daughter than his wife’ means that he feels more satisfied with his daughter than his wife.  We are comparing two people: ‘he’ and ‘his wife.’


‘He is the proudest’ means that he is the most satisfied with his daughter.  We use the superlative adjective when we compare three or more people.  

What Is The Meaning of “Couldn’t be Prouder”

‘Couldn’t be prouder’ means that ‘I couldn’t feel more satisfied than I do.’  I am comparing my own emotions to myself.  ‘I couldn’t be prouder than I am.’  


We use this to say that someone has truly pleased us and we cannot be any happier.  We are bursting with pride and feel great about what the other person has done.  


‘I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter’ means that I am so happy about everything she has done and there is nothing that she needs to do to make me feel more satisfied or happier.

How Do You Use Prouder in a Sentence?

I couldn’t be prouder to be your father.

He became prouder and prouder of his son with every day.

They felt prouder about their work than their classmates did about theirs.

Nobody could have been prouder.

He was prouder of his parents than anyone else he knew.

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More Proud

While ‘prouder’ is the more common and more correct, ‘more proud’ is an acceptable replacement for ‘prouder.’

What More Proud Means 

‘More proud’ means ‘prouder.’  In English grammar, comparative adjectives that are two or more syllables long take ‘more’ to compare two things.  This means that ‘prouder’ is grammatically correct but it has the same meaning as ‘more proud.’


For example:

She is more beautiful than her sister.

They are more relaxed than our friends.


Single-syllable adjectives and two-syllable adjectives that end in -y that take -er or -ier.  However, they have the same meaning as ‘more + adjective.’


Prouder = more proud

Happier = more happy

Calmer = more calm

When We Use More Prouder 

We can never use ‘more prouder.’  ‘More proud’ and ‘prouder’ are both correct uses for the comparative form of ‘proud,’ however, combining the two into ‘more prouder’ is incorrect.

Is More Proud Grammatically Correct?

‘More proud’ is grammatically correct and perfectly acceptable to use.  ‘Prouder’ is technically more correct and better to use when writing in English, but ‘more proud’ is correct and accepted.  ‘More prouder’ is not grammatically correct and it is an unacceptable use of the comparative form of ‘proud.’

What Is The Meaning of “Couldn’t be More Prouder”

‘Couldn’t be more prouder,’ is not an acceptable phrase in English.  The correct form is ‘couldn’t be more proud.’  If someone says ‘I couldn’t be more proud,’ they mean that they are incapable of feeling more proud than they feel.  It’s a way of comparing our emotions with a hypothetical version of ourselves.  


‘Could’ is a modal verb that expresses ability in a hypothetical reality.  ‘I couldn’t be more proud’ means ‘I am not able to be any more proud than I am.’

How Do You Use More Proud in a Sentence?

She is more proud of her brother than he is of himself.

Their parents couldn’t be more proud of all their achievements.

They became more and more proud by the day.

He was more proud of his best friend than he was of anyone else.  

What is Are The Main Differences Between Prouder and More Proud

The main difference between ‘prouder’ and ‘more proud’ is the fact that ‘prouder’ is technically more grammatically correct than ‘more proud.’   


Proud is a single-syllable adjective.  The rule for single-syllable adjectives is that they take -er when using them to compare two things.


Light = lighter

Thin = thinner

Fat = fatter

Small = smaller

Tall = taller

Quick = quicker

Fast = faster

Proud = prouder


Therefore, it is better to use ‘prouder.’  ‘Prouder’ must also be used when we are writing in English.  However, ‘more proud’ is perfectly acceptable in informal situations and in spoken English.