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Who is Kris Amerikos?

Kris Amerikos is a team of teachers and learners who break language barriers.

We move fast.

And we know that the goal of language learning is:

  • clear communication and
  • mutual understanding

A shared HUMAN experience.


We love technology and it makes language learning easier.

But we use it to connect humans and help them understand each other.

That’s why at Kris Amerikos we use the communicative-relational approach, which is a fancy way of saying we help you use the language to get what you want.

And the best way to do that is through regular practice in real situations.

Those situations are where we identify barriers and destroy them.


But we need YOUR help to do this.


Unfortunately, at the time of writing this text, we are unable to teleport ourselves to your home and teach you in person…

So, we’ve created a 24/7 speaking practice platform called English-Everyday that does exactly the same thing (but online via your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone).

English-Everyday uses our unique Level Up method to speed up fluency, giving you the momentum you need to break through any barrier.

This is the fastest way to become fluent in English.


Join our team and help us break language barriers around the world.

Christopher Huntley, founder of Kris Amerikos

"To achieve happiness and success in business and in life there are two activities you must constantly be engaged in: improving yourself (learning) and improving others (teaching)."

⭐ Trusted by students from over 100 countries.

Find out why students from around the world choose our programs.

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Study English in Italy



"My confidence when speaking English has improved thanks to the courses from Kris Amerikos."

Study English in Syria



"My work schedule is very busy but the flexibility of these programs lets me practice regularly."

Study English in Mozambique



The students in the program are so friendly. And I like having lessons with Kris Amerikos too."

Study English in Ukraine



"I`ve made friends from every part of the planet thanks to Kris Amerikos"

Study English in Tanintoa



"This program helped me connect with people globally." 

Study English in Vietnam



"My favorite part of studying here is meeting people from countries that I didn't know existed."

Study English in Serbia



"Kris Amerikos has created the best program that exists anywhere."

Study English in Taiwan



"Speaking is the most important skill when you study a language."

Study English in Brazil



"The best part is you have so many opportunities to practice English and meet interesting people."

Study English in Mexico



"This program is awesome. I mostly join lessons while I'm driving or when I am running and doing exercise."

Study English in Libya



"I have studied with Kris Amerikos a long time and I think his program is the most effective one available."

Study English in Azerbaijan



"I always had problems finding  someone to practice with, but now I can practice all the time."

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The number one English program on the planet.

The number one English program on the planet.

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