English-Everyday  Course 

Professional English Classes


What is English-Everyday?

Professional English lessons, live calls with Kris Amerikos, and an international community of speaking partners.

How It Works:


Log in and Start Learning

Every student gets access to our video library that includes all previous lessons and the schedule of all upcoming lessons. Every lesson is available from any place with an Internet connection. You can study in your car, on the beach, in your office, or anywhere!


Join a Live Call and Watch the Replay

Students can join Live Calls with Kris Amerikos. If they can't participate in the Live Calls, they can watch recordings of lessons. Topics and times of lessons are scheduled in advance.


Learn, Practice, Get Results

If you want to get results, then English-Everyday is for you. This program will improve your English. Ask questions and get answers from Kris Amerikos.


What You Get In English-Everyday

Professional lessons

English-Everyday gives you professional lessons and practice with Kris Amerikos. It also gives you speaking partners from more than 100 different countries.

Marina is a successful English-Everyday student

Recorded lessons

First of all, it's great to be able to review the lessons that you've attended. But it's fantastic to know that you can watch lessons you've missed.

Student chat

You can meet a lot of intelligent, interesting people inside the English-Everyday program. The student chat is where students continue their discussions from lessons.

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Join lessons from the phone

You can join live from any place and device with internet-access. Students sometimes join lessons while walking, running, driving, and even flying. Don't believe it? -Ask Bahurim

Ask questions and get answers

When you are face-to-face with Kris Amerikos you really know that you can understand and be understood. There are lots of opportunities to ask questions during live lessons.

Manee is a successful English-Everyday student
Aida is a successful English-Everyday student

Cool t-shirt

We send this t-shirt to all of our top students. Every 15 days students have the chance to unlock new bonuses. Kris is constantly updating and improving the English-Everyday program.

Take a look inside a lesson


How To Get The Most Out Of English-Everyday

Attend Live Calls with Kris Amerikos

Go to Live Calls every week and participate actively. You will be in the English-speaking atmosphere and can ask questions. 


Watch Recorded Lessons any time to improve your listening skills, learn new words, phrases, etс.

Connect with students 

Communicate in text with students all over the world in Student Chat to discuss what you've learned in the lessons and practice writing skills.


Speakers of 50 different languages (from every continent) have joined, got results, and told their friends exactly how effective the English-Everyday program is.

Watch a feedback video in your native language!

The "Old Way" Completely Depends On You 

Kris Amerikos

Improve Your Spoken English And Fluency

This "New Way" Is Such An Exciting Discovery!

Follow a method and process that is 100% focused on RESULTS ...

That maximizes your "return on effort" by giving you unlimited opportunities to PRACTICE and LEARN...

Filtering out the time wasters and focusing on what's important...

Payment plans of English-Everyday

Weekly payment


Monthly payment


Yearly payment


Every week you can join Live Calls.

Speak with Kris Amerikos and international students.

The price stays the same as long as you are subscribed.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

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