Nice To Talk To You and It Was Nice Talking To You

english phrases short video lessons Jul 10, 2021
nice to talk to you and it was nice talking to you

“Nice to talk to you” and “it was nice talking to you” are two phrases that English speakers can use to end a conversation suddenly without being rude.  These are phrases that let the other person know that we can’t talk any longer because we need to do something else.  


They are polite phrases that act as social cues which mean 'I need to leave, but I don't want to be rude.'  If you learn how to use them correctly, you will master the art of ending conversations politely.  


It's also important to learn how native English speakers use these sentences in social situations to ensure you know when someone else is trying to end a conversation with you politely. 


What Is The Meaning Of Nice To Talk To You?

“Nice to talk to you” is a polite phrase we can use to end a conversation.  We can add it to the end of a conversation when we need to leave quickly but want the other person to know we enjoyed the conversation.  It’s a way of saying “I need to end the conversation because I need to leave, but I enjoyed our conversation.”

We can also use “nice to finally talk to you” to begin a conversation with someone we’re excited to talk to and haven’t talked to before.


“Nice to talk to you” can be used at the beginning or at the end of a conversation.  The context will set the meaning of this sentence.  Either someone is excited to talk with you or they need to leave and want to end the conversation politely.


What Is The Meaning Of It Was Nice Talking To You?

“It was nice to talk to you” and “it was nice talking to you” have the same meaning when ending a conversation.  We can use them interchangeably to end a conversation.   

“It was nice talking to you” is a polite way to end a conversation quickly. It’s difficult to cut a conversation short when you need to; but this phrase helps let the other person know you appreciated the conversation.


We can only use “it was nice talking to you” at the end of a conversation.  ‘Was’ refers to a past action, so it would not make sense to use it at the beginning of a conversation.    


How Do You Respond To Nice To Talk To You?

“And you too” is the best answer to this question.  It’s a short answer that means ‘it was nice talking to you too’ or ‘it was nice to talk to you too.’  Native English speakers also add “thank you, and you too,” to show that they are grateful for the compliment before they return it.

It can seem like a strange question without an obvious answer, but other answers like ‘me too’ are too open-ended and ambiguous, and ‘same here’ is too informal. 


How Do You Respond To It Was Nice Talking To You?

It’s common to add ‘thank you’ or ‘yes’ to acknowledge the compliment before returning it.  Someone is being kind and polite when they say “it was nice talking to you,” so adding “yes, you too” or “thank you, you too” creates a polite response.  It’s important to receive and acknowledge a compliment before returning it.


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How Do You Say It Was Nice To Talk To You?

‘It was’ is usually reduced to ‘t’was.’  Unlike other reductions in English, this reduction is more formal.  ‘To’ is also reduced to ‘tə.’


“T’was nice tə talk tə you” is a formal and polite way to say “it was nice to talk to you.”


Is It Nice To Talk To or You?

‘Talk’ is an intransitive verb.  This means it cannot take a direct object.  

For example:

  • ‘Drink’ is a transitive verb and it can take a direct object:
  • “I drink water.”  


In this sentence, ‘water’ is the object of the verb and it can go next to the verb without needing to add a preposition.


‘Talk’ is intransitive, so it’s incorrect to add an object next to it without a preposition first:

Correct: “nice to talk to you”

Incorrect: “nice to talk you” (talk cannot take a direct object) 


Nice To Talk To You or Nice Talking To You?

When ending a conversation, we can use “nice to talk to you” or “nice talking to you.”  These phrases have the same meaning and we can use them interchangeably.  


In English grammar, we use the infinitive ‘to talk’ to focus on the whole completed action.  It’s a way of saying “I enjoyed our talk and everything we talked about.”  The gerund (talking) is used to draw attention to the ongoing action.  This means that we enjoyed the act of talking with the other person.

We can use ‘nice to talk to you’ before we start a conversation in the sentence: 

“It will be nice to talk to you at the party” or “nice to finally talk to you.”


Whereas, “nice talking to you” is only ever used at the end of a conversation.  


Good To Talk To You

“Good to talk to you” has the same meaning as “nice to talk to you.”  We usually choose the adjective ‘good’ when we’ve had a difficult conversation with someone and it had a positive outcome.  It means “that was a good talk, I’m glad we had it.”


It Was Great Talking To You

‘Great’ is a stronger adjective than ‘nice.’  If someone says “it was great talking to you” or “great to talk to you,” then they aren’t only saying it to end a conversation politely.  They felt really good about the conversation and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Unfortunately, it’s difficult to know when someone really means ‘it was nice talking to you,’ so adding a more expressive adjective helps to show that you really mean what you’re saying. 


Nice To Chat With You

‘Chat’ is more informal than ‘talk,’ and it is an acceptable replacement in informal conversations.  ‘Chat’ is also used when we’re texting someone or talking online, so ‘nice to chat with you’ is commonly used when texting.


We can use the preposition ‘with’ or ‘to’ with ‘talk’ and ‘chat’ without changing the meaning.  We can also use a gerund and say ‘nice chatting with you.’


  • “Nice to chat with you.”
  • “Nice to chat to you.”
  • “Nice chatting with you.”
  • “Nice chatting to you.”


Nice Talking To You Quotes

“I need to go now, my taxi is here.  But it’s been great talking to you!”

“My friend has arrived, I need to go say hello.  Nice to talk to you.  See you later.”

“I need to run.  Nice talking with you.”

“It’s been great chatting to you, but I do need to go now.”

“It was so good to talk to you again.  Bye.”

“Thanks for your time.  It was great to talk with you.”