Drier or Dryer - Learn The Differences

vocabulary Dec 15, 2021
Drier or Dryer


Hey everybody, Kris Amerikos here. Today I'm going to explain the difference between the words Drier and Dryer. They sound the same. They have the same pronunciation, but they have a different meaning. DRIER - This one has the letter I, and DYER - this one has the letter Y. Yeah, that's it. You can just stop reading the article now. I'm just joking. 


What Does Drier Mean?


The big difference is that when the word is written with the letter “I”, this is comparing two things. Something is dry. Dry or “more dry”, but it's not correct to say “more dry”. It's correct to say “drier”. 


When and How We Use Drier in The Sentences 


We can say: “My shoes are drier than my car”. Maybe it rained. My car is wet. But not my shoes. “My shoes are drier than my car”. 

What Does Dryer Mean


Now, the other word, the word with the letter Y - DRYER.  This is probably some kind of machine. It could be a hairdryer, you know, something that you put on your hair after you take a shower so your hair becomes dry. 


It could be a dryer, like a drying machine, a machine that's next to your washing machine, that dries clothes. So the washing machine makes the clothes wet and washes them. And then you put them in the dryer. 


What Are The Differences Between Drier and Dryer 


So the word “dryer” is a noun. It's a thing, it's probably a machine.


And the word “drier” with I is when we compare two things.