How to Find an English Speaking Partner

Have you become a competent English reader and writer but struggling with fluency while speaking? You struggle to organize your ideas in a logical order and run out of vocabulary when putting your thoughts into words. But be prepared, English learning and language learning is not that easy, and remember speaking English is something very important to our daily life. Don't be confused when came to the language exchange because your conversation partner lives for example in the United States and you live in a different country. 


What strategies have you used thus far?


You watch English movies, shows, news, etc. listen to podcasts, read English texts regularly.

These tools may have helped your listening skills but to become a fluent speaker you will need to use the language in your daily routine and make it part of your lifestyle.

 Do You Need English Speaking Partner?

You have tried the local language centers but find it hard to commit to a consistent...

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