How to Start a Conversation in English - 192 examples

It can be difficult to strike up a conversation and we all want to avoid awkward silence. Personal meetings and business meetings in English are more successful when we have a conversation strategy. Here are some fun ways and tips to use English in conversation, even if you don't know everyone in the room, don't know English grammar, don't know English vocabulary, and are still learning English:



One of the most nerve-wracking situations is when you don't know a person and you're not sure if you should speak and what you should say. When we are afraid to talk with strangers in English it's usually because we are afraid that people will think we aren't intelligent. I feel this way when I speak foreign languages too. It's completely natural. But when the conversation has already begun, I feel more comfortable joining it.

Icebreakers are phrases that are designed to help kick off conversations. So, if you're wondering what to say...

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