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Day 1 of Webinar Series - Change Your Language, Change Your Life

The first day of the webinar series is really about focusing on what's important. We are going to talk about mistakes people make when they learn English because lots of people make the same mistakes.

Sometimes books and online resources do worse than just not giving us results. Sometimes they give us incorrect information. They create bad habits for students and make students think that they need to learn more than they actually do.

Whether you are a student of English or a teacher of English, the first day of the series is definitely going to be useful and apply to your real life.

Day 2 of Webinar Series - Why You Sound Like A Weirdo

The second day is all about speaking like a local and correcting problems that all learners of English have, so that they can start speaking naturally.

We are going to look at why people sound unnatural, why locals think some people sound strange, and I'll give you strategies, tips, and tricks on how to go from Masha from Uralmash to Mary from Fifth Avenue. Here you will see specific examples of general concepts that you can use immediately to start sounding more natural in your English speech.

Day 3 of Webinar Series - Don't Call Me Sir, Pal

This is where we will look at how formal English and informal English are different and what we can do to sound like a local in any situation.

This is probably one of the things that I notice the most in students' speech. They always want to speak formally and politely and they forget that sometimes that type of speech sounds strange and unnatural. And what's worse is that people who hear this type of speech will be very confused about what you are saying, even if they understand every word of your speech.

Day 4 of Webinar Series - The Small Stuff Makes A Big Difference

The last day is all about small aspects of language and language culture that you can miss if you're not looking.

These are clues that will help you tremendously. They are like cheat codes for the English language.

This is a course for:

- High level students of English
-Teachers of English
- Those who study English for work
- Those who study English for travel
- Those who study English to move to another country
- Those who study English to talk with people around the world
- Those who study English to get a job in an English-speaking country
- Those who want to speak more naturally
- Those who want to sound like a native speaker
- Those who want to get rid of their language barrier
- Those who want to reduce their accent


The number one English program on the planet.

The number one English program on the planet.

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