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It's an 8-minute read and a 2-minute decision.

I'm going to describe what it is and what it's about. Then you can decide how you want to join.

Level Up is designed to give you skills that most other English teachers profit off you NOT having so that you always have a choice about how you can grow and improve your English without being dependent on other people's advice or time to learn English... you won't need their advice - you'll have a choice to take their advice only if you want to take it, not because you have to take it.

I've been doing this since 2009 and I've accumulated the wins, battle scars, and shortcuts through teaching thousands of students personally and millions through our brand. I've done just about everything an English teacher can do.

About a year and a half ago I started Level Up because I felt at the time there was no true modern method that was good and worked.

I'm proud to say that we've accomplished that goal and we've worked with the best of the best.

Then I started sharing what I know about the psychology behind using English to market, sell, persuade, convince, and people started asking me to offer something more.

So I launched the Level Up Mastermind.

I didn't post about it, promote it, or ask anyone to join.

But motivated students from around the world, businesspeople, travelers, and everyone in between, joined.

Now, I don't focus on teaching them systems or processes.

Plenty of people do that and "systems" come and go.

Instead, what I focus on is teaching them how to think.

So they can see things others can't see, connect the dots, and build their own models.

Once they can do that, they can imagine, pull apart, and build and rebuild any structure, phrase, or speech.

As a result, they each have a unique skill set that can't be copied and that stands the test of time.

Here are a few things we teach in Level Up every week on our learning calls:

  • Re-engineering Mistakes: how to view errors as growth opportunities without feeling defeated.
  • Cultural Insights: how to deeply connect with English by immersing in its associated cultures.
  • Mindset Over Vocabulary: how to prioritize a growth mindset without getting bogged down by endless vocabulary.
  • The Living Language Living: how to stay up-to-date with evolving slang and phrases without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Emotional Connection: how to enhance memory by attaching emotions to words.
  • English Thought: how to process thoughts in English without translating from your native language.
  • Body Language: how to convey meaning without uttering a word.
  • Engage Multiple Senses: how to learn by engaging sight, sound, and touch without relying solely on reading.
  • Music and Lyrics: how to dissect English songs quickly and effortlessly.
  • Can You Dream in English?: how to immerse so deeply that you engage your subconscious mind.
  • Dialects: how to appreciate the nuances between different English dialects and quickly understand different speakers.
  • Humor: how to understand humor without getting lost in direct translations.
  • Question the Norm: how to challenge rules without feeling disrespectful.
  • Language and Identity: how to embrace the identity shifts that come with language learning.
  • Beyond Textbooks: how to understand real-world English without being confined to books.
  • Overcome Fear: how to defeat the fear of mistakes and stop it from hindering your progress.
  • Thought Patterns: how to explore the influence of English on your thought processes.
  • Embrace Technology: how to leverage technology for result-focused learning.
  • Subtitles: how to use subtitles to train your ear so you won't need to rely on subtitles.
  • Presenting and Reading Aloud: how to improve pronunciation when using a "speaking voice".
  • Mimicry: how to achieve clarity in speech without obsessing over accents.
  • Language Exchange: how to maximize encounters with English speakers who are also learning your native language.
  • Travel Virtually: how to experience English-speaking cultures without leaving your home.
  • Stereotypes: how to use and differentiate positive and negative classifications.
  • Context Over Grammar: how to identify context and become more fluent than a "perfect grammar speaker".
  • Language is Personal: how to personalize your learning journey.
  • Performance Indicators: how to track your progress and how to properly assess your level.
  • Challenge Assumptions: how to avoid misunderstandings by avoiding direct translations.
  • Active vs. Passive Learning: how to engage actively and get the most out of the time you spend studying.
  • Feedback is Gold: how to seek, accept, and interpret feedback without taking it personally.
  • Dive Deep: how to understand the deeper meanings of words.
  • Expressing Emotion: how to navigate emotional nuances without causing offense.
  • Avoid Overthinking: how to communicate effectively by slowing down before you speed up.
  • Celebrate Wins: how to use milestones to guide your progress and how to anchor accomplishments to your present state.
  • Language Partners: how to benefit from language partners from other countries.
  • Engage in Debates: how to improve critical thinking by taking oppositional stances.
  • Storytelling: how to craft stories that evoke emotion and open wallets.
  • Don't Get Lost In Translation: how to grasp the essence of phrases without getting lost in translation.
  • Understand Accents: how to match sounds and expressions that show you a map from standard English to the speaker in front of you.
  • Stay Curious: how to continuously learn and improve without feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of the language.

Each one of these topics is covered in a one-hour call that goes deep into each concept to explain it.

They are basically the knowledge that is coming from teaching millions of students, but instead of a course or download, they're shared in depth on a one-hour call.

I have over 4,000 notes and each call is about 3-5 notes, so there are about 800 concepts to share, and that will take time.

On top of the training we do, we also have our hands on their English-language projects, where help them with their presentations, their scripts, improve emails, webpages, songs, graphic designs, plus we give them feedback on a daily basis in our private workspace.

Here's The Format of Level Up:

  • 2 mastermind learning calls per week
  • 1 hour each
  • One call will be "spotlight seats" - where you can bring anything to the table, questions about anything.
  • The other call will be a deep learning round table discussion with breakout rooms.
  • Everything inside English-Everyday is included: daily live speaking lessons, 24/7 live room, community.
  • Private "Slack" workspace where we'll have chats, communication, etc...between calls.
  • We're going to use the dialectic method of teaching. There is no process, or step-by-step instructions, or here's a course, follow it. We're going to question ourselves and think for ourselves and develop our own rationality.

The price of Level Up is $1,997 per year or $297 per month. I'm going to more than double the price shortly because we can only help so many people during our spotlight seats and in our private workspace. The price will double to $5,000 per year (those who get in early will keep the earlier price).

As a member of Level Up, you get access to everything I mentioned above and English-Everyday.

Here's the link if you want to join Level Up And Want Us To Personally Work With You On Your English

Once you sign up, our team will send an invitation to your email that will let you join our private workspace and that's where we will start the welcome process and onboarding.



Level Up is more than just an environment for you to learn English... It's an environment for you to know how to learn English ON YOUR OWN... Without depending on inexperienced teachers, an ocean of YouTube video lessons, grammar worksheets that don't prevent speaking mistakes, lesson topics that don't apply to you...

We're not here to simply sign you up and make you feel good we're here to give you a skill set that you can carry with you for the rest of your life in any country and in any job and communicating with any person so that no matter the circumstances you know that you have everything you need to be successful no matter what the future holds.

It's designed to give you the skills that most other teachers profit off you NOT having so that you always have a choice about how you can grow and improve your English without being dependent on other people's advice or time to learn English...

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